ACT WON Creative Arts Ministry

ACT WON Creative Arts Ministry

Our purpose is to creatively communicate God’s Word to both Christians and not-yet-Christians of all ages through the impact of creative arts in a relevant and dynamic way for today’s society in order to glorify God, introduce people to Jesus and to encourage the Church to be the Church.


ACT WON became a full time Christian creative arts ministry in 2002.  The goal is to creatively communicate Christ!  ACT WON does so by bringing God’s Word to a wide variety of people, both Christians and not-yet-Christians, within the church and the community locally, nationally and internationally.



ACT WON consists of a husband and wife team, Tracy and Eugéne who are the full time workers in this ministry.  They rely solely on donations for salaries and general running costs of ACT WON.

Tracy and Eugéne direct, choreograph, produce and write all the ACT WON scripts.  Their material is fresh and creative, using a wide variety of styles relevant to all ages.  ACT WON approaches Christian creative arts ministry from a dynamic and unique perspective.

What the ACT WON team has to say about this ministry…”It’s not about us – we want to make Jesus famous!