RCGEN Church

RCGEN Church

Vrygrond Western Cape

+27 78 507 6679

Our mission is to bring Christ Centered Community Upliftment and Workship to Vrygrond in the Western Cape

Situated in Vrygrond, an informal settlement (shack dwellings) near Muizenburg in the Cape, situated on 15 square KM with a population of almost 40000 people. The high density of the population and lack of good municipal services makes this is very dangerous area with high unemployment and substance abuse. Many of the residents are foreign nationals, many of whom are refugees.

Most of those that work earn low incomes. Hunger and frustration lead to all kinds of abuses. This is a volatile area, which has experienced some civil unrest (protest action with violence and destruction of property). The community and police have clashed.


Often invited to minister at other venues.

A small but passionate church, with low income.

Currently has 32 children and room for 45. Staff consist of a principle, 3 teachers and a cook. Most of
the parents cant to afford to pay the school fees. The income is falls short.

Feeding Program
Feeding up to 700 children a day.