Care Counselling


Counselling. Accountability. Restoration. Education & Empowerment

126 Merriman Street George Western Cape

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C.A.R.E. is a special counselling division of Strategic Missions NPC.


*NPC Reg: 2015/051510/08 * PBO Reg: 930048621 * NPO Reg: 167-225


We have a passion to help the broken-hearted and those who are emotionally and physically captive in their situation, to help them break free from their bondage and get balance in their life through spiritual adoption.

It is wonderful to
know you are heard.

Counselling:  is the heart of this program. The counselling phase is the first phase where the candidates will gone through a counselling program to expose hidden lies they believe they are in, This is the phase where their spirit man will be healed.

Accountability:  In this phase the candidates will be trained to except accountability and take responsibility for what ever happened. They will be trained to follow biblical foundations.

Restoration:  What they learn through counselling and biblical foundation will assist them through restoration process, together with the help of counsellors and others disciplining them on their journey of healing.

Equipped to touch
the lives of others

Education and empowerment: This phase focusses on ones calling and creation purpose. In this phase, training is given to help others in need and reach out to those who were in similar situations. You will be taught how to disciple others and will be trained to reached out to the lost.

In this final phase there will be opportunities where one can work and live and earn an income. We hope to offer further training to develop their confidence to work with people and help them grow and mature spiritually. We will offer a leadership development program for those who need and want to take steps to further their career and calling.

There is no obligation for a person who does not want to commit fully to the program. They will be released to find their own way and be listed on a database.

Being able to look
forward to a brighter future

The opportunities will be there for those who really want to improve themselves. These candidates will be trained with grounding skills to get back on track with a renewed mindset and enjoy learning skills that they can use to develop themselves to become a whole person again.


This training and help program is designed to assist people in need and equip them to becoming a whole person again. They will be trained from a place of hopelessness to a place where they can help others. The projects aim is to help and restore people and to rebuild their self-confidence and self-worth.

The main aim is to bring back the balance to spirit, soul and body. The final phase teaches one how to reach out to other broken people and equip them to change others that are in the same position they were when they came to us. Here they will learn the awesome privilege on giving back to the community.

Sadly, government does not have all the answers or the manpower and resources to guide and work with large amount of youth that fall out of school widows and orphans, homeless people, unwanted pregnancies in schools and family abuse problems. We are here to work together in this process to make change possible where we can in our community.


The main purpose is to have an organized program where these people will be counselled in a safe environment and be set free to enable them to get back to their God given purpose in life. We believe that this will help our community and city – and believe that we all need to work together to bring about positive change in our society.


We work with people and help to help get them back to the original biblical, God given destiny in life.


Counselling often reveals hidden lies traumas and curses. When these are revealed and broken, it creates the reality and the healing space to rectify the mistakes of the past that resulted in the emotional trauma.


Our hope is that they will be taken care of in areas such as feeding, clothing, education and shelter. They will be given the opportunity to grow and care for themselves and their families. That there will also be career choices and God-given opportunities once they have successfully made it through the C.A.R.E. program.

He loves me.
He loves me.
He loves me.

The purpose of this program is to find the potential hidden in each person that wants to change their life for Good.

 Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future