Revealed Word Bible College

Revealed Word Bible College

Sheridan Wyoming WY 82801 USA

+27 (83) 382-9277

Training, Preparing & Sending Workers out to bring in the Harvest and make Disciples

What we Offer Students:

Interesting Courses
We offer you interesting courses which are easy to follow and are presented in a user-friendly format.

Relevant Teaching
Our courses are relevant because they consist of quality practical, useful information that is relevant in a continuously changing world.

Affordable Teachings
Our teachings are affordable because we do not operate to make money, but it costs money to operate, therefore we have to charge for our training, but keep the costs down to a minimum. The cost of a three-year bachelor’s degree is less than what most other colleges charge for a year’s study.

Easy Access
Access to training is easy. All you need is access to a smart phone or a computer. You can start studying immediately from the comfort of your own home.

Equipped for Ministry
When you graduate, you will not only certified but more importantly you will be equipped for practical ministry, with your faith and knowledge having been built up.

Credits for Previous Studies
Credits may be granted for previous studies. To apply for credits please send your name and contact details plus copies of your transcripts and the course you want to study to

Revealed Word Bible College has been approved and upgraded to a Certified school with Christ for the Nations Institute Association of Bible Schools (CFNI ABS). This means we are authorized by CFNI ABS to grant degrees.


30 Credit Hours - Certificates

66 Credit Hours - Associate degrees

120 Credit Hours - Bachelor’s degrees




Start studying immediately, study online or download course material to your computer or smart phone. First year exams may be done online with immediate results.  All assignments may be uploaded for marking.

In addition to purchasing courses online, All students are required to complete a student information sheet and submit proof of identity (ID or Passport). This is a legal requirement for certification.


ONLINE CAMPUS OVERSEAS STUDENTS: is the International online campus of Revealed Word Bible College.



All students are required to complete a student information sheet and submit proof of identity (ID or Passport).  This is a legal requirement for certification. You can fill this in online, or you can request a form from Thereafter you will be invoiced and after receipt of payment, the relevant course material will be emailed to you.

Our study material is designed to train our students in Practical Ministry.  We endeavour to bring you Bible Education of the highest standard in the most convenient way.

During training students should be involved with various types of Ministry, which helps prepare them for their future Ministries.

Qualified students are ready to establish Ministries and take up other Ministry positions.

Our graduates go and take the Harvest and make disciples and thus fulfill the Great Commission.

We partner with churches and community leaders through training them to facilitate our certified courses, so that they can plant and operate Revealed Word Bible College campuses. Our course content is exciting and relevant.