November 14, 2016



This issouls-for-jesus our outreach ministry

This ministry includes street ministry, missions and outreaches. We reach out to drug addicts, street people, prostitutes and others. Our purpose is always to bring the lost to salvation and then start the discipleship process. We work closely with other organisations that have upliftment programs, safe houses and projects to help these people become productive members of society.

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This is our Bible College

Revealed Word Bible College is an internationally recognised Bible College.

We offer certification up to Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology and are accredited through Christ for the Nations Association of Bible Schools, Dallas, Texas. 

We recommend that you visit the website and have look at all the courses before deciding on your study option. All our courses are stand alone.  You first need to register as a student before purchasing a course.

Visit our website:

We offer three unique training options:

Online: Our dynamic Online platform. Study on your computer, tablet or cellphone. Use our App or download your studies. Register then Enrol Online. Pay Online. Receive your study material immediately. All our courses are available through RWBC Online. You need data to study.

Go to:
Choose your course. Click on Purchase your course. Register as a student. Pay.


Home Study/Distance Learning: For those who can’t study online – distance learning usually means students engaging with learning materials at home or work. These materials are sent via email. First you need to register as a student. Please make sure that you have looked at the courses, then email and request your registration form. You will then receive and invoice. After paying or making a deposit you will have your material emailed to you.

Your own Campus: Start your own RWBC Campus. Bring top class bible training to your community. Whether you are a leader, pastor, or student we will train you to become a facilitator and guide you in how to set up and run your own Campus, in your Church or other premises. Prayerfully consider becoming a facilitator and starting your own campus anywhere in the world.

Please note that facilitators do not lecture or preach to students, the role of a facilitator is to assist the student and empower them to think for themselves. Our campuses are professionally run and facilitators are strictly accountable to the Faculty for the efficient running of their campus. We will help you. Enquire Now. Students who complete their studies are then encouraged to go out and start their own campuses and continue to disciple and facilitate and bring in the ‘harvest’.

Bachelor Degree in Biblical Theology
= Certificate in Ministry + Pastoral Counselling
+ Leadership & Administration

Diploma in Ministry
= Certificate in Ministry + Pastoral Counselling

Certificate in Ministry
= 5 Short Courses
1. Christian Foundations, 2. Understanding the Bible,
3. Spiritual Beings, 4. Prayer, 5. Spiritual Gifts
(These courses may also be taken individually)

ammThis is our ministry that assists other Ministries

Apostolic Alignment Ministries, is an umbrella body (not a covering) for independent ministries to come together to share common interests, have fellowship and be accountable to one another. To find out more please email

Equipping the Saints for the Work of Ministry should be the primary function for the five fold ministry gifts. Ephesians 4:11.  The original Greek word katartismon for this means to reset a dislocated joint. The implication of this is the correct aligning of the Apostolic gifts in the body.

Kenya Orphan Fund

We partner with a mentorship organization in Kenya that runs a program to assist orphan children with food, clothing and education.  Here there are more than 2500 orphans, many of whom are child-led households, children at risk, with hundreds in need of medication and personal care.  Due to the sensitivity and nature of this work we are careful not to disclose information and request that if you would like to become involved in helping, that you email us directly on or go to our donations page to give financially.



C.A.R.E. is a counselling division of Strategic Missions

with a passion to help the broken hearted and those who are emotionally and physically captive in their situation, to help them break free from their bondage and get balance in their life through spiritual adoption. Much of their counselling is based on Sozo. They are also trained in Pastoral Counselling through Revealed Word Bible College.

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